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Welcome to the drugshelp.info General Public page.

If you have a problem as a result of your use of tobacco, alcohol or illicit drugs (cannabis, ecstasy, heroin, cocaine etc), or you are close to someone with a drug problem, you will find information here about what drug addiction is, how to handle certain difficult situations and how you can get help.

You can download articles on the following topics:

  • Drug addiction and its treatment - a brief introduction*
  • Why drug addiction is an illness, not a lifestyle choice*
  • The Integrative Hypothesis of Addiction
  • The different drugs people use and their effects (available shortly)
  • Is my child using drugs?*
  • Finding help for a problem with tobacco, alcohol or drugs
  • Stages of Treatment 1: Predetoxification (including 'harm reduction') (coming soon)
  • Stages of Treatment 2: Detoxification - An Overview
  • Stages of Treatment 3: Rehabilitation - An Overview (coming soon)

    *NB, the principles are the same if the drug in question is alcohol or tobacco

    You can find information about what agencies offer treatment on our Treatment Agencies page.

    Further topics will be added to this page, so please come back soon.

    If you would like to go over one of these topics in detail, why not come to one of our training days?