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The low priority given to the addictive disorders in the twentieth century meant that services were often only funded by the charitable sector.

Towards the end of the century, the organisations that ran these services were encouraged to become alternative providers, in competition to “statutory” services.

Their status and function is, therefore, somewhat unclear.

Recent reports have suggested that the UK Government has not missed the opportunity to purchase services from other parts of the charitable sector, such as housing , at below cost price, with the expectation that the charity would fund the shortfall from donations.

Addiction charities vary in size and capacity. They include:


  • Action on Smoking and Health (ASH UK)
  • ASH Scotland
  • No Smoking Day
  • Quit


  • Alcohol Concern


  • Adverse Psychiatric Reactions Information Link


  • Action on Addiction
  • Addaction
  • Addiction Recovery Agency
  • Drugscope
  • Eclipse
  • European Association for the Treatment of Addiction
  • Gilead
  • The Kenward Trust
  • The Matthew Project
  • Remar Association (UK)
  • Streetscene Addiction Recovery (Ltd)
  • Turning Point

    Charities for Related and Associated Conditions

  • British Heart Foundation (Smoking related disease)
  • British Liver Trust (Liver disease from excess alcohol or from Hepatitis B or C)
  • Mainliners (Hep C & HIV)
  • Terrence Higgins Trust (HIV and AIDS)

    Please note:- This list is not exhaustive. Please contact us on 07950 813 266 with details of other charities you think should be added.