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Tobacco, alcohol and drugs are a source of much debate, often emotional and acrimonious. Partly this is due to different types of views of drug use, such as that it is a lifestyle choice or a moral hazard. Some sites, for example, advocate the legalisation of cannabis or heroin; others will want tobacco and alcohol banned.

While this website takes no position in this debate, as our concern is for the situation when a person who uses drugs develops an addictive illness, we recognise that the spectrum of views on the topic is important and therefore wish to facilitate access to those sites that we know.

We wish to make it clear that in providing access to a variety of often extremely vehemently stated positions, we do not endorse any political position or view.

Should you use any link provided by us, you warrant that you make us non-liable for the contents of any site that you reach and for any consequences arising from your visit to that site.


Action on Smoking and Health (anti-smoking)

European Network for Smoking Prevention (anti-smoking)

Forest (pro-smoking)



Transform Drug Policy Foundation