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We run a series of courses aimed at enhancing your clinical knowledge and skills, so you are able to provide the best quality of care for your patients

Current courses available cover
  • introductory topics (overview courses)
  • topics across the treatment spectrum
  • complex situations
  • managing challenging behaviours

    If you are interested in attending one or more of these courses, please print out and fill in our Course Interest form.

    Please note that, at present, we aim to meet the needs of treatment services. Thus, we will try and arrange dates around your needs by asking you to tell us that you have identified an area in which one or more of your staff members would benefit from additional training. Please do this by sending in a Course Interest form or by sending an email to admin@drugshelp.info

    We list our list of courses currently available here:

     Overview Courses
    P01Introduction to Addictive Disorders
    P02Overview of Alcohol Addiction
    P03Overview of Benzodiazepine Addiction
    P04Overview of Cannabis Addiction
    P05Overview of Cocaine Addiction
    P06Overview of Heroin Addiction
    P07Overview of Stimulant Addiction
    P08Overview of Tobacco Addiction

     Clinical Assessment
    P09Assessment of a Person who Uses Drugs
    P10Making & Implementing a Treatment Plan

     Pre-detoxification treatments
    P11Introduction to Predetoxification Treatments
    P13Motivational Interviewing
    P14Bloodborne Viruses
    P15Physical illness and addiction
    P16Opiate Substitution Therapy
    P17Pharmacology for non-medical prescribers
    P18Smoking Cessation Medication
    P19Contingency Management

    P20Introduction to Detoxification
    P21Alcohol detoxification
    P22Benzodiazepine detoxification
    P23Nicotine detoxification
    P24Opiate detoxification

     Post-detoxification treatments
    P25Introduction to Postdetoxification Treatments
    P2612-step treatments
    P27Relapse Prevention Therapy
    P28Medications to assist abstinence

     Complex clinical cases
    P29Drugs and Young People
    P30Drugs and the Elderly
    P31Drugs and Crime
    P32Dual diagnosis (drugs and mental illness)

     Challenging behaviours
    P33Introduction to Challenging Behaviours
    P34Violence and its Management
    P35Manipulative Behaviour

    Courses are run in London, but can be provided locally for a Team training day.

    If you are interested in attending one or more of these courses, please print out and fill in our Course Interest form.

    General Public

    CourseAimed atProgrammeApplication Form
    Drugs: what they are and why people take themAny interested persondownloaddownload
    A drug user in the familyParents of young adults who use drugsdownloaddownload