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UK Government Documents

The UK Government produces a number of documents in relation to addictive drugs.

We provide here links to some of the more important documents. Please note that we provide the links to UK Legislation in respect of the addictive drugs on our page UK Law relating to the Addictions

The documents relate to
  • Strategy
  • Statistics
  • Driving and Drugs

    If you have difficulty downloading any of these documents, we can send you copies of electronic files of documents that are Crown Copyright. Please email admin@drugshelp.info



    Smoking Kills


    Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy 2004

    Models of Care for Alcohol Misuse

    Review of Treatment Effectiveness (2006)

    Safe. Sensible. Social - The Next Steps in the National Alcohol Strategy (2007)


    Tackling Drugs Together (1994)

    Tackling Drugs to Build a Better Britain (1997)

    Update Drugs Strategy 2002

    Models of Care for the Treatment of Drug Misusers (2002)

    Models of Care for the Treatment of Drug Misusers Part 2: Full reference report (2002)

    Models of Care for the Treatment of Adult Drug Misusers: Update 2006

    Drug Misuse and Dependence - UK Guidelines on Clinical Management (Orange Book), 2007 update

    Drugs Strategy 2007 - 'Drugs: protecting families and communities' - 2008-2018 strategy



    Statistics on Alcohol 2006

    Alcohol Deaths 1991-2006

    Statistics on Alcohol 2008

    Drug Use, Smoking and Drinking among young people in England 2007 (large file)


    Statistics on Drug Misuse, England, 2008

    Drug Misuse Declared: Findings from the 2006/07 British Crime Survey, England and Wales

    Driving and Drugs

    At A Glance - Medical Standards for Fitness to Drive