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This page is aimed at assisting clinicians in finding the external resources that will help you to treat your patients most effectively.

In view of the large number of possible avenues, there are likely to be a significant number of future additions, and professionals should return frequently to check for updates.

We aim to place links to as many different organisations as possible, with a wide variety of viewpoints, so that the clinician can gain the broadest understanding of the field. It should be understood, therefore, that the placement of a link should not be taken to imply that drugshelp.info endorses the site or any of the views expressed on external sites nor do we vouch for the quality, completeness, accuracy, decency or appropriateness of any of the information on any of the sites to which we offer links. Your use of a link supplied by us implies that you release us from any liability for anything arising out of your use of the site to which you are transferred.

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    Please advise us if you find that any link from this site does not reach the site you hoped it would. Thank you.