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Sure Care Solutions Ltd (SCS) is a private company whose aim is to provide accurate and up-to-date addiction services.

The foundation of our work is our belief that the drug addictions (tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, valium and others) are medical illnesses, coming under the category of mental disorders. While many will disagree with us, stating that they believe drug use to be a lifestyle choice, we note that

  • The addictions are included as medical disorders by the World Health Organisation in the International Classification of Diseases
  • There is now a significant body of research evidence on a wide variety of aspects of the addictions, including the neurobiology, psychology and sociology of these disorders that makes the case that they are diseases extremely strong

    We believe that, in an age in which much is written in the media about addiction, there is a lot of misinformation, leading to inaccurate statements, which in turn have led to simplistic and harmful public policy approaches to the treatment of the addictions. For example, the evidence shows that it is inaccurate to describe peer pressure as a cause of drug use (peer influence is only the ‘last straw’ for someone who is already predisposed to use drugs) and that it is inaccurate to describe addicts as committing crimes to fund their habits. In the case of heroin addiction, the majority of addicts do not commit crime at all; and many of the addicts who do commit crimes have started offending before they started using heroin. Thus, the decision of the UK Government to use the heroin treatment services to reduce crime has acted to discriminate against those addicts who have not committed crimes and whose access to treatment is unfairly delayed while those who have come into contact with the criminal justice system are prioritised.

    The SCS ‘drugshelp.info’ website aims to assist people who have problems as a result of their own drug use or the use of someone important to them (such as a son or daughter, spouse etc) and people who are providing treatment to people with drug addictions. We do this by
  • Assisting with access to high quality information about the addictive disorders
  • Providing high quality training and secondary care support for those who are involved in providing treatment, either through the National Health Service or independently.

    Apart from a medical perspective, we do not have any moral, political or philosophical underpinning to our services. We do not have links to any industry or other treatment service or charity.

    We are also independent of Government and therefore have no political spin to the advice we offer. If the addictions are medical disorders, causing death and illness (‘mortality and morbidity’), then our only concern is to clarify what be effective in real life in reducing the mortality and morbidity. We do not address the biases of any non-medical group.

    This site

  • provides information on a wide variety of topics at a variety of levels for professionals
  • provides information for members of the general public about drug addiction and how and where to get help
  • provides information on our training courses.

    Please note that we are based in England and the practical information about where to get help relates to services provided in England.

    We hope that you will find this a helpful and impartial resource.