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Treatment agencies

Treatment for the addictions are provided by a number of organisations.

We list as many treatment providers as we can at any one time. Please note that we do not vouch for the quality, competence or even reputability of the treatment services listed here.


Each locality in the UK has a Primary Care Trust (PCT) responsible for the provision of NHS smoking cessation services. You can find your local PCT smoking cessation service with this link or you can ring 0800 169 0 169.

There are a variety of private service providers.

Our parent company, Sure Care Solutions Ltd., provides 'donesmoking', the Sure Care Smoking Cessation Service. This is a comprehensive service, comprising a range of treatments, to help people to stop smoking.

Many individuals offer a range of individual services, such as acupuncture or hypnotherapy. Advertisements can often be found in local newspapers.

Smoking Cessation Providers include

  • NHS
  • 'donesmoking'


    NHS treatment for alcohol addiction is sporadic. Some GPs are willing to supervise medical detoxification and detoxification may occur by default following an admission to a general medical or general psychiatric ward. However, in such circumstances, there may be no awareness of other services for alcohol addiction and a comprehensive treatment plan may not be made

    Admission to NHS detoxification wards cannot be arranged directly but requires confirmation of funding from the local commissioner in the PCT.

    Private services are readily available for both detoxification and rehabilitation, but you should be aware that UK medical insurance companies often exclude the addictions from cover. Sometimes, people claim that they are being treated for another condition which is subject to medical insurance cover, such as depressive illness. You should be aware that medical insurance companies may regard such misrepresentation of the diagnosis as fraudulent.

    It is important to remember that each treatment episode may play a part in the recovery from addiction over years and that those funding treatment (either through statutory funding or private funding by an individual, a relative, an employer or other 3rd party funder) should try and understand the role (as far as is known) of a treatment episode before committing funds for such treatment. This is particularly important if funds are very limited.

    A list of treatment providers is available at the end of this page


    The NHS has a special health authority, the National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse, which has the responsibility to oversee the provision of treatment for users of illicit drugs in accordance with the Government's Drug Strategy. It provides a link to the DrugScope Helpfinder, which Drug Scope says "enables you to search for organisations providing specialist treatment for drug users, their families and friends" in the UK.

    NHS treatment is commissioned by the Primary Care Trust, on the advice of the Drug Action Team, a local structure under the authority of the Home Office. The Government's Drug Strategy particularly targets criminal activity to fund a drug habit, and so the selection of treatment centres is skewed to meet this aim.

    Treatment can also be funded by the Drug Interventions Programme .

    Rehabilitation is often funded by the Local Authority, usually through its Social Services Department.

    Those using private funds are advised to consider the role of the treatment episode in the patient's recovery before committing large sums, especially if funds are limited (see above under Alcohol).

    List of alcohol and / or drug treatment providers

    We provide here a list of treatment providers, for access. As the site is still in the process of being developed, we make this list available before being able to bring some distinction between the providers. Please click on the link to be taken to the web page of the treatment agency.

    If you are trying a treatment resource 'on spec', you may wish to ask the provider the following questions:

  • Do you offer residential or community treatment?
  • Are you NHS or private?
  • What premises do you have?
  • What is your therapeutic model?
  • How long is your course?
  • What staff do you have (doctors [specialist or GP], nurses [general or mental health], drug workers, complementary therapists)?
  • How much do you charge?
  • Who pays and how?
  • How long is the programme?
  • What provision is there for treatment after the programme has finished?

    We regret that, should you wish to ask us to assist you in selecting a treatment facility, we have to charge a fee. It may be possible to go to the Community Care department of your local Social Services for free advice in this regard. This team is often found in your local Community Drug and Alcohol Team (see above)

    Acute assessment unit (Maudsley Hospital)
    Addaction Ayrshire
    Addaction Bedfordshire
    Addaction Birmingham
    Addaction Blackpool
    Addaction Brent
    Addaction CADA
    Addaction Cheshire
    Addaction Chichester Arrest Referral Service
    Addaction Cleveland 24/7
    Addaction Cleveland Courts
    Addaction Cleveland Enhanced Arrest Referral Service
    Addaction Crawley
    Addaction Cumbria
    Addaction Derbyshire
    Addaction Devon Counselling Services
    Addaction Devon Probation Partnership
    Addaction Dundee Direct Access
    Addaction Durham Arrest Referral Service
    Addaction Durham DIP
    Addaction Glasgow North
    Addaction Glasgow North West Community Alcohol Support
    Addaction Glasgow South West
    Addaction Glasgow West
    Addaction Grimsby - DTTO/ DRR
    Addaction Grimsby - Structured Day Programme
    Addaction Hackney Community Drug Service
    Addaction Hackney young adults' service
    Addaction Halton
    Addaction Hastings
    Addaction Lancashire
    Addaction Leicestershire
    Addaction Lincolnshire
    Addaction Lincolnshire Community Drug Response Team
    Addaction Manchester
    Addaction Maya Project
    Addaction Medway
    Addaction Middlesbrough Crack Service
    Addaction Middlesbrough DIP Addaction Redcar & Cleveland DIP
    Addaction Middlesbrough DRR
    Addaction Newcastle/ Use Drugs Use Us Helpline
    Addaction North Devon Alcohol intervention service
    Addaction Peterborough (Engagement and Assessment)
    Addaction Redcar & East Cleveland Outreach
    Addaction Sandwell
    Addaction Scotland Financial Inclusion Project
    Addaction Scottish Borders
    Addaction Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire
    Addaction South Tyneside Aftercare
    Addaction Surrey
    Addaction Tower Hamlets Community Drug Team
    Addaction Walsall
    Addaction Walsall DAS
    Addaction Warwickshire
    Addaction West Sussex Service User Co-ordination
    Addaction Worthing Arrest Referral Service
    Addaction Worthing Open Access
    Addaction, HMP Guys Marsh
    Addiction Recovery Agency
    Agar & St Augustine's
    Allington House
    ANA Addiction Treatment Centre
    Anderson House
    Aquarius Northamptonshire
    Aquarius Wolverhampton
    Ark House Treatment Centre
    Ascot House
    Ashcroft House
    Ashley Copse
    Assisi Community Care
    Barley Wood Treatment Centre
    Bennett House
    Bethwin Road
    Birchwood Treatment Service
    Boons Park 01732 700202
    Bridge House
    Broadway Lodge
    Brynawel House Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre
    Capio Nightingale Hospital
    Charis Alcohol and Drug Therapy Unit 020 7790 6278
    Charles Bowles Institute 01702 322767
    Chatterton Hey
    Chester Rehabilitation Unit
    Chrysalis Apartment
    City Roads
    Clouds House Treatment Centre
    Covenant Dependency Centre Gisburn
    Craiglands All-Female
    Cranstoun House
    Crawley Arrest Referral Service
    Cygnet Hospital Godden Green
    Cygnet Hospital Harrogate
    Cygnet Hospital Harrow (Bowden House)
    Davies Alcohol Services
    Detox 5
    Diana Princess of Wales
    Farm Place
    First Step
    Foulden Road
    Francis House
    Frenchay House
    Gideon House
    Gordana House 01743 365050
    Greig House
    Hartley House
    Haven Alcohol Rehabilitation
    Hebron House
    Henley House
    Herbert Street
    Highgate Hall
    Holgate House
    Holly Lodge
    Hope House
    Hope House Project
    Inward House
    Kairos Community Trust
    Kenward Barn
    Kenward Gravesend
    Kenward House
    Kenward Maidstone
    Kenward Southborough
    Lampton Court
    Lazarus Centre
    Leigh Bank
    Ley Community Drug Services
    Linden Grove
    Max Glatt Unit, St Bernard's Hospital, Ealing
    Milton House
    Mount Carmel 020 8769 7674
    Murray Lodge
    Nascent House 01442 251366
    Nehemiah Project
    Nelson Trust Registered
    Nelson Trust Unregistered
    Oak Lodge
    Perry Clayman Project
    Phoenix Futures Alpha Residential Service
    Phoenix Futures Brighton Family Residential Service
    Phoenix Futures Glasgow Residential Service
    Phoenix Futures London Residential Service 0208 699 7152
    Phoenix Futures Sheffield Family Residential Service
    Phoenix Futures Sheffield Residential Service
    Phoenix Futures Tyneside Residential Service
    Phoenix Futures Wirral Residential Service
    Phoenix Futures Women-Only Service
    Pierpoint House Primary Treatment Unit
    Priory Hospital Altrincham
    Priory Hospital Brighton & Hove
    Priory Hospital Bristol
    Priory Hospital Chelmsford
    Priory Hospital Glasgow
    Priory Hospital Hayes Grove
    Priory Hospital Marchwood
    Priory Hospital North London
    Priory Hospital Nottingham
    Priory Hospital Preston
    Priory Hospital Roehampton
    Priory Hospital Woking
    Priory Hospital Woodbourne
    Priory Ticehurst House
    PROMIS Recovery Centre
    Providence Projects
    Quinton House 01202 392241
    Ravenswood Road
    Richards House
    Rowan Ward, Springfield Hospital
    Rugby House Long Yard (formerly Rugby House Project Crisis Centre)
    Salvation Army Bridge Programme
    Sefton Park
    SHARP Bournemouth
    SHARP Liverpool
    SHARP London
    Smithfield Project
    Sneinton Hermitage
    St Anne's Alcohol Services Leeds
    St James House 0117 9299100
    St Luke's Centre 020 8772 9991
    Stanfield House 01900 65737
    Thurston House
    Trelawn Addiction Centre
    Trevi House 01752 255758
    Tunstall Unit
    Turning Point ACAPS Adult Service: Next Steps
    Turning Point ACAPS Youth Service: Lambeth
    Turning Point ACAPS Youth Service: Lifestyle Options Project
    Turning Point ACAPS Youth Service: Southwark
    Turning Point ACCORD Musica
    Turning Point Alfred Minto House
    Turning Point Ascot House
    Turning Point Battersea Alcohol Service
    Turning Point Birmingham Drugline
    Turning Point Bradford DTTO
    Turning Point Branching Out
    Turning Point Canterbury Alcohol Project
    Turning Point Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Arrest Referral Scheme
    Turning Point Cheshire - Alcohol Detox
    Turning Point Cheshire - The Station
    Turning Point Cheshire Services
    Turning Point Crisis Point
    Turning Point Cumbria Drug & Alcohol Services
    Turning Point Davies Residential Service
    Turning Point Druglink Hammersmith & Fulham - admin and Young Peoples' Service
    Turning Point Druglink Hammersmith & Fulham Open Access and Crack Team
    Turning Point Druglink Staffordshire
    Turning Point EESPro
    Turning Point Evesham Druglink
    Turning Point Gateshead Arrest and Court Referral, and Resettlement
    Turning Point Gateshead Community Integration Team (In2Change)
    Turning Point Gateshead Criminal Justice Team
    Turning Point Gwydir and Huntingdon Project
    Turning Point Hartley House
    Turning Point Hastings Sanctuary Service
    Turning Point Hertsreach Borehamwood
    Turning Point Hertsreach Criminal Justice Services
    Turning Point Hertsreach Dacorum
    Turning Point Hertsreach Dacorum- needle exchange and drop in
    Turning Point Hertsreach East and North DRR/ATR
    Turning Point Hertsreach Hertford
    Turning Point Hertsreach St Albans
    Turning Point Hertsreach Watford
    Turning Point Hertsreach Welwyn Garden City
    Turning Point Housing Link
    Turning Point Hungerford Drug Project
    Turning Point Hungerford: Communities & Young Persons Team
    Turning Point Hungerford: Mobile Needle Exchange Services Team
    Turning Point Leicestershire
    Turning Point Leigh Bank
    Turning Point Linden House
    Turning Point Malvern Druglink
    Turning Point Marine Avenue Supporting People Service
    Turning Point Medway - Manor Road
    Turning Point Medway - Throwley House
    Turning Point Mendip
    Turning Point Midpoint
    Turning Point Milliken House
    Turning Point N7
    Turning Point Newcastle Arrest & Court Referral Scheme
    Turning Point North Staffordshire - Leek
    Turning Point North Staffordshire - Newcastle-under-Lyme
    Turning Point North Tyneside Arrest Referral Scheme
    Turning Point Northumbria Resettlement Service
    Turning Point Options
    Turning Point Penywern Project
    Turning Point progress2work Cardiff
    Turning Point progress2work Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire
    Turning Point progress2work Neath & Port Talbot
    Turning Point progress2work Oxford & Bucks
    Turning Point progress2work Sandwell, Dudley, Walsall and Wolverhampton
    Turning Point progress2work South London
    Turning Point progress2work Swansea
    Turning Point progress2work West Lancashire
    Turning Point progress2work Worcestershire
    Turning Point progress2work/linkUP - Leicestershire
    Turning Point progress2work-LinkUP Berkshire
    Turning Point Prospects
    Turning Point Richards House
    Turning Point Rotherham
    Turning Point Rotherham Alcohol Service
    Turning Point Rotherham Structured Day Programme
    Turning Point Rotherham Structured Day Service
    Turning Point Sedgemoor
    Turning Point SHED
    Turning Point Sheffield Adult Treatment Services
    Turning Point Smithfield Services
    Turning Point Social Inclusion Project
    Turning Point Somerset
    Turning Point Somerset Arrest Referral and Court Service
    Turning Point South Somerset
    Turning Point South Tyneside DIP
    Turning Point Southwark Floating Support Scheme
    Turning Point Stanfield House
    Turning Point STinG
    Turning Point STinG - Caerphilly
    Turning Point SUFSS - Substance Using Family Support Service
    Turning Point Sunderland Arrest and Court Referral Scheme
    Turning Point Sunderland Arrest and Court Referral Scheme - Gillbridge
    Turning Point Sunderland Arrest and Court Referral Scheme - Washington
    Turning Point Sunderland Initial Assessment Team
    Turning Point Support Link North West
    Turning Point Support Link South West
    Turning Point T2 Maidenhead
    Turning Point T2 Slough
    Turning Point T2 West Berkshire
    Turning Point Taunton Deane
    Turning Point The Crossing
    Turning Point The Grove
    Turning Point The Junction
    Turning Point The Lock Young People's Service
    Turning Point The Mill
    Turning Point The Mill - Young Persons Service
    Turning Point Wakefield & District DTTO Team and Enhanced Arrest Referral
    Turning Point Wakefield & District Services Admin
    Turning Point Wakefield Adult Treatment Services
    Turning Point Wakefield Alcohol Service
    Turning Point Wakefield and District - Castleford Adult Treatment Services
    Turning Point Wakefield Progress2Work
    Turning Point Wakefield Structured Day Programme
    Turning Point Wakefield Young Persons' Service
    Turning Point West Kent - Dartford
    Turning Point West Kent - Maidstone
    Turning Point West Kent - Sheerness
    Turning Point West Kent - Tunbridge Wells
    Turning Point Westcliffe House
    Turning Point Worcester Druglink
    Turning Point Worcester Social Reintegration Team / progress2work
    Turning Point Worcestershire Community Rehabilitation Service
    Turning Point Worcestershire Family Services
    Turning Point Zephyr Structured Daycare
    Ty'n Rodin
    Vale House Stabilisation Services
    Vanehill Specialist Care Homes
    Victory Outreach Residential Services
    Walsingham House
    Westcliffe House
    Western Counselling Services Ltd
    Willowdene Farm Drug Rehabilitation Centre
    Yeldall Manor
    youngaddaction Brent
    youngaddaction Buckinghamshire
    youngaddaction Buzzz, Lincolnshire
    youngaddaction CADA / REC'd for Life
    youngaddaction Derby
    youngaddaction Halton
    youngaddaction Liverpool
    youngaddaction Middlesbrough
    youngaddaction North Lancashire
    youngaddaction South Lancashire
    999 Medical Centre

    Advertised (Expensive / VIP) rehabs

    ADMIT (Referral Agency / VIP)
    Carter Gordon Clinics (South Africa)
    Recover Now
    Trust the Process Counselling
    Way Ahead Rehab (Referral Agency / VIP)